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09/19/2018 在波蘭首都華沙
in Warsaw, Poland’s capital city

This evening, I attended the first bachata dance class in my life. And I think you should do it, too.

今天傍晚,我參加了人生中第一堂拉丁舞蹈課 – bachata。強力推薦你也要試試看!

Yes, I paid for the lesson while traveling, and tonight I made a decision that I will do the same in every city ( if the price is reasonable, of course.) It’s one of the best way to meet the locals, and yes, you will have great fun and might be invited to some dance parties to make more friends while traveling.


dance 2

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6:00 p.m. 在華沙市區一間叫 salsa clasica的舞蹈教室
At salsa clasica in Warsaw downtown

I find myself in a intermediate bachata class. But it’s only the 3rd time I dance it. I am having great fun but not sure if the guy in front of me has fun.

Men and women pair up and form a circle, you dance with one man for several 8-counts, and then men rotate, change to next one. Yes, I stand here and 12 men make their own shift in front of me, and yes, I hold hands with 12 polish men tonight.



You will hold hands with 12 local men (or women), individually, for 1 hour. It’s getting so close that you can smell their cologne.


I think dancing is good. Especially for women who are always so opinionated and strong willed. Sometimes, you need to learn how to let go, and just go with the flow.


First time? Feel the connection and follow the flow.

The first time I danced bachata is with a very sweet man who is the real representative of bachata, after all, it’s from his parents’ country – Dominican Republic ( he is an American, born and raised in USA) But still, when bachata/ salsa/ merengue music is played at dinner table and everywhere in the household, you just gotta listen to them.

“ You don’t lead, I lead.” he said. That moment I realized: I am not in the leading roll as I usually am and should really be relaxed and follow. ( which I really need to learn) ( also many of my superwomen friends. )

第一次跳Bachata,就是跟天生好手跳,畢竟這舞是源自他的祖國 – 多明尼加共和國,雖然他是在美國出生長大的美國人,但如果有人跟你說「我們家吃飯的時候都是聽bachata/ salsa/ merengue的音樂,其他時候也幾乎都是聽這種音樂。」那你就要相信他,這些舞蹈不跟他跳的話,要跟誰跳?(可能他爸也行!)


Perhaps, body language is the most pure form of communication.


Back to the dancing class, right now in Warsaw, I feel language is not so necessary when you understand everything by body language and facial expressions. And perhaps, that’s the most pure form of communication.

And it also reminds me of teamwork and leadership at workplace and in life. The leading part matters so much, but if you want to get the task done beautifully, then it’s also about  following correctly.




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Leading 領導:

Best to be led by the experienced – you see a professional manner, an accumulation of deliberate practice in it. I find myself dance like a pro with a great flow if  having a great lead. But some other times, I don’t know what I am doing and I feel I suck at dancing.

As a leader, make sure you send clear messages and be assertive. Otherwise, you confuse others, everyone looks ugly and you don’t know what’s wrong.



Following 跟隨:

If you are in a following role, pick a good leader and follow whole-heartedly as if there is a strong belief in it. Then you will do things which amaze yourself while enjoying the process.


Back to reality again, after stepping on 8 men’s feet while imagining my arms and hips would flow beautifully like a butterfly just as same as the instructor. I decided to come back in 2 hours and take the beginner’s class.

Class ended, now before I leave, one couple is dancing so smoothly that I can’t take my eyes off from them.  “I want to be like them, but how long it will take? ” as I am wondering, the woman hit the man’s armpit when he tried to turn her by pressuring her upper back. “I think I’ll manage, just have to hit some armpits first.” See you in 2 hours.



Notes 筆記:

These 12 polish men are all quite charming, why? Is it because men who can dance are usually charming?

These men all smell so good. How come? I thought at least someone will smells after sweating heavily…

I’d better buy antiperspirant or not wear sleeveless… sorry guys…
最好等下就去買止汗劑,或是至少下次不要穿無袖 (濕腋下會被碰到)…抱歉了男士們…

Women, be tipsy ( but still able to dance safe) if you can’t let go or it’s too difficult for you not to lead.


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