菲律賓自由行│菲律賓公主港、愛尼島9日│行程路線、交通、住宿│Phillipines│El Nido & Puerto Princesa

2018邁入2019之際,你去哪裡跨年? 如果你希望在12月底逃離臺北的濕冷,可以考慮跟我們一樣,前往溫暖的南陽島嶼!Wanna bathing in sunlight? Come to southeast Asia and get some tropical sun-kissed tanning! In December 2018, I decided that I want to embrace 2019 with sunshine, so I went to Philippines with my friend to escape rainy cloudy Taipei and spent 9 days in El Nido and Puerto Princesa.

公主港3日 – 愛尼島離島3日 – 愛尼島本島3日

3 days in Puerto Princesa – 3 days in El Nido/ a remote island – 3 days in El Nido main island

(I heard people say party scenes in El Nido is better for New Year’s Eve. I was in Puerto Princesa, it wasn’t very impressive or I didn’t go to the right bars.) 


  1. 國際航班:臺北 – 馬尼拉 – 公主港;回程同路線反過來。
    From Taipei (TPE) to Manila (MNL) to Puerto Princesa (PPS), and same way back.

    來回都是Air Asia,台幣18083含來回行李20kg。
    事後證明如果你可以travel light,夏天的衣服裝後背包8-9kg綽綽有餘,可以不用買行李。
    中轉馬尼拉,被告知去程必須把行李領出來,再check-in一次,回程不用。有人知道為什麼嗎?求分享 :)We flew Air Asia, USD 600 for the round trip, 20kg baggage allowance included.
    But if you can travel light, which is easy in summer, everything can fit in my backpack (8-9kg), then it’s not necessary to buy baggage. If you can get a ticket flying from El Nido straight to Manila, that would save you time!

    菲國境內交通:公主港 – 愛尼島;私人包車、共乘小巴、或用飛的!
    Inland transportations: private car charter or shared mini-van, or even better, you fly there.   

    ***If you are lucky enough to get tickets from AirSwift, please, just book that flight.

    1)去程:公主港 – 愛尼島這趟,是專屬六人座轎車,從公主港機場附近,到愛尼島市區 Corong-Corong,僅我和友人倆人搭,舒適寬敞。由於是透過下榻飯店預定的,很可惜不知道是哪一間的接送服務。

        時間:約4.5小時。/ 價格:每車 PHP 6000 (約台幣3600)。From Puerto Princesa (near airport) to El Nido (Corong-Corong):
    4.5 hrs by a private car charter/ Price: PHP 6000 (about USD 120) per carArranged by the hotel, so we don’t know which charter company it is. The car arrived a bit late (prepare yourself for the “time zone" here, it’s 5-15 mins late for almost everything.) The ride was very pleasant, the driver speaks good english and easy to communicate with. Max capacity: 6 people.

    2) 回程:愛尼島市區 Corong-Corong – 公主港PPS機場,是專屬的12人座箱型車,也是一樣只有我跟我朋友倆人而已。比去的時候便宜,還更寬敞。是跟kkday預訂的。大推。

        時間:約5小時。/價格:每車 TWD 3010。From El Nido (Corong-Corong) to Puerto Princesa PPS airport :
    5 hrs by private mini-van charter/ Price: USD 101 per vanLearning from the former experience, I booked the ride back to PPS airport 3 days ago from a website. Advantage: cheaper price with much more space. Disadvantage: Nothing if you also want to grab a bite on the way. But we wanted to be at the airport ASAP and the driver wanted to stop for lunch, so we waited for him for 20 mins. Max capacity: 12 people. Booked it from kkday.




    Best way to travel between Puerto Princesa – El Nido?Recommendation:  continental flights > private car charter (4-12 seats)> a seat in a shared van (12 ppl)

    Better to arrange it at least 36-48 hours before if it’s on New Year’s Eve or other national holidays. It took us some time to sort it out within 24 hrs. The hotel staff told us that it’s ok to book charter service from them 1 day prior, but by then the response was that it was all booked and no service available.

    Things might not go as you planned here, but, just winging it!


    飯店協調了半天,真的是半天,才找到一個可以提早出發的私人包車服務。當然,在等待的期間,我們半天的行程就是坐在泳池邊焦急著,因為網路上可以找到的替代服務就是kkday,但 kkday 無法前一天預訂,要至少提前兩天。加上看到kkday私人包車的評價很好,所以當天我們就當機立斷,先把六天後的回程私人包車在 kkday 上訂好,而且還是12人座,還比飯店定的6人座小客車便宜,是不是太棒了!(真的,真心建議記得先把公主港 – 愛尼島訂好,在國外還要花時間安排真的是很費神又費時。加上網路又不是很穩定。)Because we had to arrive at the certain pickup point in El Nido before certain time, or we would miss the ferry and had to wait till the next day. So it did took us a half day by the pool, trying to figure out the pickup, with slow internet. Really not the best way to spend a sunny day, and the website I found does not take any order withing 24 hours, so try to arrange it a bit earlier if possible.

    螢幕快照 2019-01-15 下午10.53.18kkday private pickup 【菲律賓巴拉望私人包車】愛妮島-公主港 交通接駁

    (愛尼島的自由行旅客是歐/美/澳洲人遠多於體型嬌小的亞洲人,加上天氣熱,大家擠在一起怕不小心體味尷尬,所以怕擁擠的我們就直接決定是私人包車了。)The most common way to commute between Puerto Princesa – El Nido is by mini-van. Usually 11-13 people in one van.下圖是往返愛尼島和公主港的主要交通工具:迷你小巴
    The most common way to commute between Puerto Princesa – El Nido is by mini-van.



1 第一間/ Hotel,在公主港:
Canvas Boutique Hotel

booking.com 8.9/1068513899685141945529492156011686

Canvas Boutique Hotel – 公主港/ 圖片來源:booking.com / 照片中就是我的房型!


優點/ advantages:

1) 離機場非常非常近,開車三分鐘內到;
3-min car-ride to PPS airport;
2) 飯店免費機場接駁;
free shuttle from / to PPS airport;
3) 游泳池挺不錯的;
outdoor pool is good;
4) 服務佳;
good services;
5) 飯店餐廳也不錯,在google上評等是4.5顆星!
decent food served at hotel restaurant with affordable price;
very attentive concierge service, you can book anything from them;
7) 附近有不少餐廳和一間很大的超市。
many super markets nearby. 5979575768561910

Painted Table 飯店餐廳 (點入看google評論/ 4.5顆星)


Wifi連不上,飯店的人叫我一直重試,但還是沒能連上。後來參加day tour,問了兩、三個人,大家在不同的飯店也都有一樣的問題,所以記得先把sim卡買好!Very poor wifi (or no wifi), I failed to connect to it during my 3-day stay. Many people from different hotels told me they had the same problem. Remember to buy your local sim card at MNL airport. (SMART sim has quite good signal. you will see the sales point at Manila once you exit MNL airport for your transit flight, the other brand called GLOBE is available too.) 

2 第二間/ glamping,在愛尼島離島 at a remote island in El Nido:

-保密-嘿嘿,先賣個關子,這間是我的大愛!敬請期待下一篇專文介紹!I love this one so much that I can’t tell you where it is… or, I have to write one blog post dedicate to this glamping site and to the group of people who built it.



3 第三間/ glamping,在愛尼島at El Nido:
Aetas Glamping El Nido

這間也是很棒,booking.com上 9.8 /10 高分!11800313_1484696098510243_2671101631012108156_n14963171_1687255154921002_3606965208114176296_n153540412Aetas Glamping El Nido/ 位於愛尼島/ 照片來源:Aetas facebook fan page & booking.com 非常浪漫,我跟女性友人抵達後大笑,覺得最適合情侶,兩個女生朋友還好,兩個男生朋友可能就不知道了 XDIt’s a very romantic setting with butler service. They really took good care of us. I went there with my female friend and we laughed when we saw the heart-shaped rose arrangement on the bed.


1) Aetas Glamping會接送客人到市區,用他們很有當地特色的小車;
free shuttle from/ to city center anytime during the day and till 8 p.m.;

2) 完全100%的管家服務,至少一位專屬管家,可以幫你安排一切!
100% butler service, 1-2 people taking care you and help you arrange EVERYTHING;



分享學語言的方式,協助優秀人才走向世界。 已成功協助許多學生進入夢想公司、通過內部升遷考核。 專長:面試/工作簡報優化、英文履歷/面試準備、會議英文、英文簡報、職場社交。 我是誰? 前阿聯酋空姐 -> 台商新創業務拓展 -> 財星500大外商公司客戶經理(account manager) 多益990,在台灣出生長大, 從第一次出國工作的英文啞巴和傻笑到流利溝通。 待過台商、法商、杜拜公司,有新創、有跨國公司。 現為全職線上英文家教,客戶群:上班族、大學和碩士生。 目前學習第二外語-西班牙文 (真的好難) 現居西班牙,有時會分享歐洲旅遊和西班牙生活經歷。 instagram: chelsea_fufu



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