葡萄牙自駕│遊艇行程│Benagil海蝕洞穴│ Road Trip in Portugal│Yacht tour to Benagil Caves in Lagoa Algarve

Benagil Cave 貝納吉爾洞 - 葡萄牙自駕


3-hour yacht tour to visit many caves including the most famous one – Benagil Caves in Lagoa area. It’s definitely the top thing you can’t afford to miss out in Portugal!

國家:葡萄牙 Portugal
區域:南邊的 Algarve/Faro District

行程:Benagil caves 天然海蝕洞穴之旅 half-day tour

Benagil Cave

photo credit: link

地區簡介/ Where is it?

photo credit: Portugal district map / the Algarve region  

南邊Faro district = Algarve region ≠ Faro city


Faro District是其中一個行政區,歷史上的舊名叫Algarve Province,位在葡萄牙的南邊,Faro District內有16個城鎮,其中一個城鎮也叫Faro,這就是為什麼查起資料會這麼困惑的原因。

Benagil cave is located in Lagoa city in Algarve region.

Portugal is divided into 18 districts, Algarve is the southernmost region. Faro is the capital city of this region. Along the coast line there are many beautiful beaches and stunning caves and grottos sculpted by the erosion of the wind and tides. Best beaches and caves in the world? You can have it all here!


The staff from yacht company told me that quite a few villas by the beach in Algarve are owned by Brits, they stay here when the winter is too cold in the north and rent out the villas in Algarve while they are enjoying the summer in UK. “That’s one the reason those houses are getting more expensive now." He said.

lagos coast line

photo credit: link

想去大名鼎鼎的Benagil Cave嗎?你有以下幾種方式可以選擇:
Benagil Cave tour? Here are the alternatives to choose from:


如果要踏進大名鼎鼎的Benagil cave的話,就要選擇搭船以外的選項囉,船家說無法在洞穴裡放人下來。是因為法令因素,如果你選擇搭船,又想要進入洞穴的話,建議先問清楚。

Depending on your fitness level and how exclusive you wanna be, the options are: 1)SUP/paddle boarding、2)kayaking、3)by boat/cruise (15-40 people onboard)、4)by yacht (smaller crowd).

If you want to get INTO the most famous Benagil cave, perhaps you have to either swim/ paddle board/ kayak there, or contact with local service provider first. I was told that you can’t just jump out of a boat and swim/walk to the cave due to local regulations.

benagil cave

photo credit: link



Therefore, if you wanna have photo like this (see above), my suggestion is 1) find out that via which way to get into the cave, and 2) go in early morning because it’s usually less tourists than in the afternoon.

I was trying to find sunset SUP tour but couldn’t find any. If I ever go there again, I would contact the tour company in Portimão* directly. It would be dream coming true to bring a waterproof speaker and a bottle of hot chocolate, sitting on paddle board and watch the sunset over the ocean with your loved ones.

*Most tours depart from Portimão.


行程哪裡訂/ Where to book a cave tour?



Website I used: GetYourGuide. A variety of tour offers are at your fingertips.



My itinerary: 9:00 a.m.- 12:00 p.m. A small yacht (max. 8 ppl) departs from Portimão, sail towards east along the coast line in Logoa, pass by many amazing caves and beaches, and anchor somewhere for a while to let you swim in the ocean, and then the same route back.

Transportation: not included. We drove 40 minutes from Albefeira to Portimão (Albufeira is where my hotel locates.)




簡而言之,值得心愛的人們再去一次,還是一樣要小遊艇包船,一定要的。 🙂

Interestingly, when I showed my e-tickets around the port to find the check-in point, the staffs from 2 different boat companies were surprised at the price I paid. I was wondering if I got ripped off when I saw their facial expressions…

There were several boats for the same tour awaiting in that morning, and that concern went away when my friend and I saw the yacht. Comparing to other 3 bigger boats which carried 15-40 ppl each that day, luckily there were just me and my fried in the yacht and felt indeed exclusive and privileged.

The maximum capacity for this tour is 8 ppl and the staff said it’s usually less likely to be fully booked in the morning. So if you are taking your family/ parents/ loved ones onboard, or you want to have amazing experiences and photos, this package is highly recommended. The staff will introduce the landscapes along the way (in English or portuguese). If ever going back with my family, I will definitely take this tour again and make the entire yacht ours. 🙂



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