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bkk(Photo source: lonely planet/Bangkok)

Summer is definitely the season for Bangkok, this exotic vibrant city awaits your visit. If you are still wondering where you should start, check the previous post for good offers on hotels and the fascinating sky bars. click here.

If Bangkok is your pick, here is some fun for you to check out besides massage and shopping!

來囉來囉! 接序上一篇介紹曼谷各種價位和特色的住宿和高空酒吧,現在我們來聊聊曼谷購物與按摩之外的事吧!

3. Temples 廟宇:

Wat Pho Temple & Golden Mountain Temple. Wat Pho has its distinct buddha – a enormous reclining long-legged buddha with a massage school nearby. Golden Mountain temple is a good place to take the first overview at the city from its height.



4. 1-Day trip: biking tour + waterfront local market 腳踏車+水邊市場一日遊:

For those want to be away from city for a short break, take water taxi from Bang Nam Phueng Nok port to the other side of the river, biking away from the traffic and visit a traditional market on the way.

Don’t worry about the language, our group simply repeated “bicycle, tree house, market", then leave the rest to nice locals to lead the way. Bike rental available right next to the water taxi end stop.

此次行程意外的亮點,因為不是觀光勝地,原本在 Bang Nam Phueng Nok 碼頭和三位友人擔心著該怎麼溝通才能到達目的地。完全不會泰文的我們,重覆簡單的英文單字「腳踏車、樹屋、市集」,熱心的阿姨就幫我們安排了水上計程車: 小船一艘,在我們到對岸,比手劃腳之中,我們也讀懂她的意思,「bicycle, ok! ok!」

果真一下船,走幾步就有租借腳踏車的地方,想錯過都很難,bicycle很OK! 沿路當地的小矮房錯落在路樹中間,邊騎邊拍,我們大約在一個多小時後到了水邊的傳統市場,放眼望去大多不是觀光客,這讓我們心裡有種說不出的勝利感!  好多食物都是我們沒看過的,語言不通,但當地人的友善讓我們買東西和殺價都不成問題。

行程長度: 腳踏車+逛市場+沿途拍照,約5-6個小時。

5. MoCA 當代藝術館:

Art lovers can’t afford to miss this! In Museum of Contemporary Art Bangkok, you will see impressive art pieces from local Thai artists. click to check current exhibits.

如果你跟我一樣喜歡藝術和建築,那你一定不能錯過東南亞唯一的 MoCA-當代藝術美術館,這裡有很多當地藝術家的作品,有的大器滂沱、有的筆觸細膩、也有饒富趣味的現在藝術,其中可以看到佛教對創作的影響,如同西洋繪畫與雕刻常常以聖經理的人物故事為主軸,在這你會看到許多以佛教輪迴、地獄、極樂世界、僧人等為題材的藝術創作。

6. Weekend outdoor markets & night markets 週末市集:

It’s a place you can try local food, shop in flee market and drink. From well-known Chatuchak, Artbox (good atmosphere), Ratchada (basic+antique/2nd hand stuff), Asia Tique (near pier, good river view),Jatujak Green (near Chatuchak, small creative/ design stuff).


7. Dinner cruise on Chao Phraya river 昭披耶河郵輪晚餐:


Dining with the lovely city night view and see the charm of the most important river in Thailand. THB$ 1000-3000/ per person. Especially recommended to group tour but good for 2 people too.

特別推薦給三五好友旅團、商務團體或浪漫約會的行程,沿著河、吹著風在水上一邊看夜景一邊用餐,河邊兩岸的燈光很美唷! 餐點是自助餐式,很多菜色選擇,有現場音樂演奏。我們那天回程到了最後半小時,開始開放現場點唱,之後變成夜店的感覺,看到法國人、印度人、美國人一起跳舞,非常有趣。


About my trip:

(1) Once Again Hostel & (2) Golden Mountain Hostel & (3) Swissotel le Concorde Hotel are the 3 related to my trip this time, one of my friend picked Golden Mountain Hostel from airbnb. It’s new, nice and clean. We had a good stay there. Located across street from Golden Mountain Temple, it’s convenient to visit one of the main temples.


I bumped into Once Again Hostel while exploring the surroundings on my 2nd day in Bangkok. I saw a café (at the 1st floor, belongs to the hostel) decorated with greens and with warm aged copper-colored lighting as time slow down in the scene. The café  has its own charm to draw people, you can have brunch or a drink there to enjoy the laid-back atmosphere.

Transportation 交通:

As you walk around the city, metro is easy to figure and staff at the station is very helpful. If going to remote area, “grab" app will be your new good friend to get a taxi around. (like uber)

Here in Thailand, you will find people are very genuine and religious, Buddhism is rooted in locals life. If you are lucky, taxi drivers might even give you an in-depth sharing with their perspective towards God and how it influences their daily life.

其實在曼谷搭捷運很方便,捷運很乾淨、員工也很熱心,英文很通喔! 如果要去的地方不在捷運站附近,可以用「grab」APP叫計程車,叫到得車會比較新,也全部都會跳表計費 (這裡沒有uber)。

*All photos & videos taken by me with iPhone except the ones with citation. Welcome to share on social media with the source/ website link clearly written.



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